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Keeping your Phoenix commercial property free and clear of unwanted pests is not as easy as it sounds.

The desert landscaping that surrounds many of the Phoenix area businesses are the perfect habitat for spiders, scorpions, cockroaches and ants.



Keeping your Phoenix home and property free from pests is an on-going issue when you live in the Phoenix valley.

With the dry climate and desert-style landscaping, native Arizona insects and spiders are a common problem.


Pest Control Services in the Phoenix Valley

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Pest control in the Phoenix area is not a luxury; many would consider pest control a mandatory service due to the presence of many unwanted – as well as dangerous pests.

The dry climate and the desert landscaping of many Phoenix homes and businesses present the perfect environment for a variety of insects, bees and spiders.

Choice Pest Control Phoenix can provide Phoenix area residents with free, no obligation quotes for pest control and pest removal.

Whether you are looking for monthly pest control preventative services or have the immediate need for pest removal, Choice Pest Control Phoenix is the right place to start.

Pest Removal for Phoenix Residential and Commercial Property

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Along with monthly pest control services for Phoenix residential and commercial property, a professional pest exterminator should also be hired for the removal of bee, wasp, yellow jacket or hornet hives. The hive production typically begins in the springtime and should be removed by a professional pest exterminator as soon as it is discovered.

A variety of insects and other pests are present in the Phoenix valley. Most of them are annoying but mainly harmless.

However, there are those that are considered dangerous to people or property.

  • Carpenter ants
  • Termites
  • Africanized bees
  • Scorpions and tarantulas
  • Black widow spiders
  • Arizona brown spider (brown recluse spider)

Pest Exterminator Services for Pest Control and Pest Removal in Phoenix

Tarantula Spider-Arizona by Beckwith-Zink (Diane), on Flickr

© by Beckwith-Zink (Diane) on flickr

Pest control is not only necessary for your Phoenix yard, garden or business property, but many times you are confronted with pesky insects that have invaded your inside living space. We can help you rid your home or office of these unwanted visitors!

A common problem in the Phoenix area is bed bugs. Although they are quite tiny, they pack a powerful punch. These small insects feed on human blood and are typically found in and around sleeping areas. They feed at night when you are sleeping and leave bite marks which can be red and swollen and be irritating and itch.

If you feel you have bed bugs in your Phoenix home, a qualified pest exterminator is the first step to take.

Preventive maintenance pest control for your Phoenix home or business should be done on a monthly basis. For immediate pest removal of potentially dangerous insects, a professional pest exterminator should be hired. Choice Pest Control Phoenix can provide you with the pest control services you need, when you need them the most.

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