Termite Control for Queen Creek Residential and Commercial Property

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If you live in the Queen Creek community you most likely are and should be concerned about the potential damage that termites can cause. Without a plan for termite control, these small but powerful insects can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your Queen Creek home or business structure.

Termites often go undetected because by nature, they try to stay hidden. Although they are out of sight, the important thing to note is that they eat wood, wallpaper, and plastic 24 hours a day! Termite control with a specialized termite treatment will keep your Queen Creek home or business termite free.

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Termite Treatment Services for Queen Creek Residents

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The most common termite found in the Queen Creek area is the Subterranean Termite. They live in large colonies that can be up to 50 feet underground. Constantly looking for food, they tunnel up into your foundation through “mud tubes” and will eventually appear in a ceiling or wall within your Queen Creek building.

Normal pest control will have no effect on the underground tubes of termites. A specialized termite treatment may include trenching, drilling and interior wall termite treatment if termites have been discovered within your Queen Creek home or business.

A professional termite treatment will also include a specialized insecticide that is effective on subterranean termites and other termites that are typically found in the Queen Creek area. This liquid termite treatment is ingested and shared, and will eventually kill the invading termites.

Termite Inspection in Queen Creek * Stop Termite Damage

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A complete termite inspection is recommended because termite infestations can be difficult to detect by the Queen Creek home or business owner. With a professional termite inspection, you will be informed of the kind of termite found, the recommended termite treatment, and the steps necessary to eliminate termites from your Queen Creek property.

The termite inspection will also identify areas around your Queen Creek property that are conducive to termites. Termite control also includes taking precautionary measures such as:

  • Keeping landscaping mulch well below the siding and wood parts of your building
  • Remove any dead stumps, trees, or roots that are near the foundation
  • Do not store lumber, firewood or paper products (cardboard) next to the foundation
  • Keep water away from foundation by diverting lawn and garden sprinklers

If you suspect you may need a termite inspection or require termite treatment and termite control services, now is the time to request your free quote! Keep your Queen Creek property termite free!