Termite Control for San Tan Valley Residential and Commercial Property

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If you live in or around the San Tan Valley area you most likely are and should worry about the possible damage that termites can cause. Without a strategy for termite control, these small but strong insects can cause a huge number of dollars in damage to your San Tan Valley residence or business building.

Termites often go unnoticed because of course, they attempt to remain hidden. The important thing to remember is they eat wood, wallpaper, and plastic 24 hours a day, even though they're out-of sight! Termite control using a specific termite treatment plan will help keep your San Tan Valley property free of termite infestations.

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Termite Treatment Services for San Tan Valley Residents

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The most typical termite found in and around the San Tan Valley is the Subterranean Termite. They reside in large colonies that can exist 40-50 feet underground.

Standard pest control won't have any effect on the underground colonies of termites. A specialized termite treatment may include drilling, trenching and inside wall termite treatment if a termite infestation has been found on your San Tan Valley property.

A professional termite treatment may also include a specialized insecticide that is highly effective on subterranean termites and other termites that are ordinarily seen in the San Tan Valley community. A liquid termite treatment is consumed and shared; effectively killing the invading termites.

Because termite infestations can be difficult to discover by the San Tan Valley home or business owner a thorough termite inspection is recommended. With a professional termite inspection, the type of termite will be determined and you will be provided with a recommendation for the required termite treatment and termite control plan.

Termite Inspection in San Tan Valley * Stop Termite Damage

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A termite inspection will confirm or deny the presence of termites on your San Tan Valley property. If the termite inspection locates a termite problem, you will be provided with a suggested termite treatment plan and other termite control recommendations going forward.

Termite control involves taking precautionary steps to eliminate termite living conditions:

  • Keep mulch away from siding or wood areas of your building
  • Remove any dead stumps, trees, or roots which are next to the foundation
  • Do not stack firewood, lumber or paper goods (cardboard) against the building
  • Do not allow sprinklers to water near your foundation

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